Streamlining risk intelligence for an Oil and Gas company


With Safeture’s web portal and app fully integrated into the organization’s HR system, the portal is automatically maintained with Employee information including – which facility they are based at, Role, Line Manager, and contact information. When employees leave the organization, they are automatically removed, and data is archived and removed in line with the organization’s data retention policy. With multiple TMCs used globally, Safeture provides an overarching view of

travel bookings across the organization with the central security team automatically alerted of the trips deemed as high risk. They are then able to step in and prepare the traveler and the country team for the trip. With travel booking integrations and the organization’s many providers, the Safeture portal provides a single data source for travel booking data globally with trend analysis for travel managers to use.

Country Manager

With privacy as a concern, the organization chooses a Country Management configuration. Country managers are provided notifications of any travelers that have scheduled travel within their country of responsibility. When travelers arrive in a certain country, the Country manager and team are only then able to view the location updates for the travelers and app users. They also automatically receive any emergency button activations and People in Incidents notifications. Country managers are able to view Facilities within their country(s) of responsibility and mass communicate with them along with receiving notifications of incidents within the vicinity.

Home Worker

Home worker apps, due to current covid-19 restrictions some employees are required to work from home. Home workers were issued apps to ensure that the organization continued providing Duty of Care. This provided home workers information on incidents occurring near their location and the ability to provide a daily check-in to the platform, picked up and reviewed by the HR teams. To provide privacy to home workers, any access to home workers’ positions is restricted to a 10X10 km square on the map interface.


The Safeture Platform was integrated into the organization’s existing IT infrastructure, including Single Sign-on, ensuring that password policy were complied with, and MDM rollout of the app to company phone users. App users also received a customized welcome email with links to videos and training materials. The Safeture onboarding team integrated all TMC integrations and email parsing from travel booking data within the project timescales.

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