Powerful partnerships

Safeture works together with partners, suppliers, and integration companies. 

Our partners

Safeture has partnered up with the best security and medical assistance companies.

Our security and medical partners offer strategic and operational support solutions for People Risk Management. They have the capacity to handle worldwide crisis response 24/7 and/or help for organizations, and its people, to mitigate medical risks through a network of specialists worldwide. 

Together with Safeture’s technological platform, we are the leading system for taking care of People Risk Management.

Are you procuring a service to safeguard your organization, and its people – to meet your Duty of Care?

We have more than 30 partners within security and/or medical assistance that can facilitate your requirements.

Safeture has more than 10 years of experience in People Risk Management.

Our gold partners

Our silver partners

Our referral partners

We are excited about our partnership that is already shaking the market. Our combined offering allows for two market leaders to come together and provide unified enterprise-wide risk management and evacuation product.

Simon Sawyer
Chief Operations Officer, SPS

Our suppliers & integrations

Safeture’s platform can integrate with different types suppliers and systems.

Safeture’s platform can easily coordinate data from your TMC, GDS, HR systems and other sources. Our open APIs allow for two-way integration of data between your systems.

We have, for example, PNR API, Emergency API, and Employee API. 

Watch our open platform synchronize all data.

Risk intelligence suppliers

Travel Data suppliers

Technical solution:


Technical solution:


Technical solution:


Technical solution:


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HR systems

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Questions about who we work with

Safeture has procedures in place with all major GDSs and TMCs.
To cover all parts of a traveler’s trip, Safeture supports the following travel data types: flight, hotel, train and rental car bookings.
Safeture offers an email parsing solution via Traxo, where you can integrate travel booking data by sending booking confirmations to a dedicated email address. These emails will automatically be parsed to retrieve both booking and traveler data, and the system will try to match this data to existing Safeture users if possible.
We support many different suppliers for train booking data integrated via email parsing (Traxo). Click on “More questions here” to see the full list of providers.
Data Controller: If you have received the service through your employer then the employer is the data controller. If you have purchased the service as a consumer directly from Safeture then Safeture is the data controller. Data Processor: The data processor is Safeture AB and the processing of data is conducted in Sweden.