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One platform to streamline your risk management and helping you safeguard your people.

Get a complete people risk management solution supported by Safeture's leading technology.

Let us introduce you to Safeture. 

Ten reasons why Safeture is the right choice

Taking care of Duty of Care

  • Together with our assistance partners, we offer a complete duty of care solution, covering the whole process from incident to confirmed safety
  • Features for legal and moral compatibility

Usability made simple

  • Intuitive interfaces in the web portal and the mobile app
  • Works for everyone, app is available for both Apple and Android users

Market leading usage

  • Among the highest usage rates in the market
  • Easy access to relevant risk management information

Flexible integrations

  • Built to integrate into your current solution and suppliers easily
  • Can integrate with any HR platform, Travel management company, and third-party content

Focus on data security

  • Trusted by large, multinational companies and partners
  • Legal compliance that exceeds industry standard requirements
  • All necessary data protection measures

Prioritizing privacy

  • End-users are in complete control of privacy settings
  • Optimized balance between security and privacy

Scalable for the future

  • Only pay for the features you use. The platform scales with your company
  • Platform useful for both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations

State of the art technology

  • Today´s best technological solution provider in the market
  • A future product roadmap that guarantees we will be the best technological solution provider also tomorrow

Easy to get started

  • Quick and clear onboarding process
  • Dedicated Safeture contact is assigned to each client
  • Straightforward platform activation

Made in Sweden

  • Safeture is a SaaS company founded and based in Sweden
  • All data servers are located in Sweden

Choose the best solution

How does it work?

Our platform is developed for multiple scenarios.

Business travelers​


Monitor critical events in real-time and use travel itineraries and location positioning via the mobile app to locate your travelers.


Get information about changing country risk levels to stay proactive and potentially reroute trips. Business travelers also receive pre-trip emails with country information.


Educate and prepare your people for upcoming business travels to mitigate risks.

Working on-site


Safeguard individuals at fixed locations like an office, warehouses, factories, stores, and more. Protect groups of people working on-site through the platform.


Import all on-site people into the platform and connect them to a specific facility. This complements the dynamic location positioning through the mobile app.


Get instant alerts of incidents within a facility’s impact radius. Ensure people’s safety by immediately messaging all people at that facility with mass communication.

Remote workers


Remote workers, mobile workers, one-person offices in other cities? No worries. With real-time global monitoring 24/7, Safeture can send immediate, automated alerts of critical incidents to individuals via our mobile app.


Automated processes of making sure people are OK with scheduled check-ins. Your people can confirm their safety and send their current positions simultaneously.


In case of an emergency, your people can alert both your administrators and security/medical providers with one click to get immediate help.

By seamlessly integrating Exlog's worldwide operational capabilities with Safeture's industry-leading technology platform, we can offer our valued clients the most effective, holistic risk management solutions available.

Jack Stradley
Chief Executive Officer, Exlog

Discover more about Safeture

Common questions about Safeture

Safeture’s platform is an important support both in daily events and in acute crises. The platform helps a traveler stay updated on possible flight delays and disruptions due to severe weather but also in life-threatening situations where every second counts.  In the context of the war in Ukraine, for example, Safeture’s technical solution has been used
Our technology platform enables our partners to efficiently locate all clients people and prioritize those in need of assistance. With this solution, our partners can easily and swiftly communicate with individuals or groups and provide them with accurate information on how to proceed.
Safeture’s goal in our partner strategy is to become the leading standalone technology platform for partners helping organizations manage people’s security. By offering the platform with different assistance partners, we can ensure global protection for all people in various organizations.  To achieve this, we need to create strong partnerships with leading players in the market while
Safeture is a Swedish SaaS company specializing in innovative technical solutions for a partner working in the field of medical or security assistance and running their own GSOC (Global Security Operations Centers). Safeture provides the tech and helps the partner to focus on their core business: to handle safety and risk management for the clients.  Safeture’s